Errant Space Podcast #3 – Errant Space vs Dean Sharp

A super-special treat this month!!

Multi-instrumentalist Dean Sharp, came down from Kingston to Rude Anagrams Studio to sit in as special guest on this months podcast. Dean, in addition to being a fantastic drummer, is a producer and soundscapist. He brought his guitar (and mando-guitar!) and a few effects over for a bit of a space out.


The resulting podcast is my favorite yet! Its a bit more soundscape and a bit less ambient than usual, but I think its an amazing audio journey, and I hope you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Errant Space Podcast #3 – Errant Space vs Dean Sharp

  1. MANY thanks to the ‘errant one’ for inviting me in…that was a really special day and the result is in the listening!

  2. Hi Craig Chin! I You have created such a BIG sound. Like a mobius band of music! I hope you have an amazing (in a good way) 2017. If you ever want to come on the air or if you want to bring a guest on the air- you have an open invite! Best warm holiday wishes, J. Spica 845 661 4902

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