Errant Space Podcast #36 – with Brian Dewan


Welcome to podcast #36! That makes three years of Errant Space Podcasting, and to celebrate we have a super-special guest, the incomparable Brian Dewan!

I’d seen Brian perform several times, and each performance was quite different from the rest, but they were consistently interesting and unusual. They always featured strange, hand built instruments; folk-art synthesizers, 8-track pulpits and the occasional accordion. I approached Brian about appearing on my podcast at a show in Kingston, NY where he was part of a band playing a tribute show to celebrate Alex Chilton’s birthday. He was the wildcard in an otherwise standard rock line up.

Brian brought the Melody Gin and the Swarmatron to our recording session, and we spent a pleasant afternoon exploring strange sonic terrain. The sun set as we recorded our last piece, and as darkness set in, it felt as if we were in a submarine descending into a deep ocean of sound…

the Swarmatron
the Melody Gin

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