An immersive sonic experience
accompanied by the changing light of the setting sun.

Sound/Peace aims to create a serene, contemplative atmosphere for deep listening where one can decompress and relax.

Sound/Peace performance at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Beacon, NY. Featuring a Labyrinth.

How does it work?

Multiple musicians, playing a combination of electronic and acoustic instruments, will be situated around the perimeter of the space. The audience will be in the center of the space, and are encouraged to bring their own pillows or mats. Audience members can create their own mix of the music by changing their location in the space. Musicians may also move about the space where possible.

Performances will take place over approximately two hours as the sun sets. The space will only be illuminated by natural light and the performance will end as darkness falls.

Sound/Peace performance at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, NY

Interested in bringing Sound/Peace to your town?
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