Errant Space Podcast #14 – Music About Art


This month’s podcast is from my first Music About Art performance at the Howland Cultural Center in May 2016. I play at a lot of art openings, which tend to be rather crowded, noisy affairs where my music becomes very much a background element. While I really enjoy playing openings, I wanted to explore the idea of how soundscapes can affect how art is experienced in a more contemplative setting, thus the Music About Art concept  was born. As always, the soundscapes are inspired by both the art and the space it occupies. Here is some of the art that was on exhibit:

Clockwise from top left: Paper Dots – Leigh Williams, Suspension – Hiro Ichikawa, Empty Void 05 – Jayoung Yoon, The Hole – EDA

BONUS! here’s some video of the performance shot by Thom Joyce

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