Errant Space Podcast #33 – 2017 Live Retrospective

This month’s podcast takes a look back at some of the past year’s live performances. I played with some great musicians in a variety of settings in 2017, and could probably fill several podcasts with those recordings. But here are four that represent the range of sonic experiences I had this year.

It starts with a solo performance at Beste Studios in October (thanks to Samantha Beste for the drawing at the top of this post!)

At around 11:17 there’s a duo performance with Dean Sharp on guitar, beats and loops, recorded at Newburgh Open Movement in August.

Then at 26:06 it’s a quartet performance with Al Margolis playing wind instruments, including alto clarinet, recorder and trumpet, Andy Rinehart on accordion, and Steve Roe on the Straddlevarious! This was recorded at a contact improvisation workshop in November.

Finally, at 42:57, a trio performance with the modular synthesizers of Art Labriola and Campfire’s Edge recorded at Quinn’s in August.

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