Errant Space Podcast #32 – Compromised Impositions w/ Al Margolis

This month’s podcast features experimental musician Al Margolis (if, bwana). Al attempts to use instruments as sound making devices, stripped as far as possible from their traditional sounds and modes of playing. The results are texturally rich, and sonically surprising.

Al manipulating his compromised impositions.

I first met Al performing at My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, where he was assaulting a violin in a most appealing (appalling?) manner.  He brought his violin, an alto clarinet and his laptop to our session. We did some improvising with both of us playing instruments, some improvisations with me playing guitar, and Al on laptop manipulating his “compromised impositions”, and also improvisations with Al playing his instruments as I processed them live through my effects. Needless to say this podcast is pretty different, but if you’re interested in exploring sound I think you’re gonna like it.

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