Errant Space Podcast #23 – Newburgh Open Movement with Dean Sharp

This month’s podcast was recorded at a Newburgh Open Movement performance on New Years Eve 2016 and features the always inspiring Dean Sharp. This is Dean’s third appearance on the podcast (clearly I like playing with the guy!), each time has been in a different context.

And this podcast is also a little different, as the music was meant to provide an atmosphere in which people could move and dance, and our performance was a sort of collaboration with the movers and dancers.

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Errant Space Podcast #22 – Late Night at the Lehman Loeb

This first podcast of 2017 is from a December 2016 performance at Vassar College’s Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center.  Its a pretty mellow one, which seems like a good way to start a new year.

This was my second performance at the Lehman Loeb (see ES podcast #16). Its a space I really enjoy playing in, with nice sounding rooms and some fantastic art. This time I was situated near a couple of Alexander Calder mobiles and I think their epicyclical motion had an influence on the music.

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Errant Space Podcast #21 – There is no nothing

This month’s podcast was recorded at the Cocoon Theatre’s Beckett Festival which took place over two weekends in November, 2016. The title, There is no nothing, is from one of the plays performed, A Piece of a Monologue. Also performed were Not I and The Old Tune.

I played before each performance from the rear balcony of the theatre to establish mood for the audience. This podcast is taken from those pre-show performances. With that in mind, this one is best experienced at low volume in a low light environment.

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Errant Space Podcast #20 – Errant Space Meets Jen Kutler and Her Sound Machines

Jen Kutler with the Sewing Machine Inductor Synth

This month’s podcast (#20!) features the amazing sound artist Jen Kutler who I met at a show at My Life In the Bush of Ghosts. Jen brought over some of her found object instruments (including the Sewing Machine Inductor Synth) for our collaboration and the resulting soundscapes are fantastically otherworldy.

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Errant Space Podcast #19 – spoooky soundscapes


This month’s podcast is for all you halloweeners out there. Put it on loop and add some atmosphere to your halloween party, or use it to creep out trick-or-treaters…

There is a bit of overdubbing on this one, which is a first for the podcast. I added some synthesizers and old casio keyboards, and also some prepared electric bass and pedal steel guitar.

a few of the special guests on this month’s podcast.

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Errant Space Podcast #18 – Beacon Open Studios

es_windtunnel_color_1920x600This month’s podcast was recorded during Beacon Open Studios on May 22, 2016. It’s super mellow, and may cause extreme drowsiness if listener is horizontal. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery.

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Errant Space Podcast #17 – The Sounds of Summer 2016

ES_Futura_moon2_1920x600This months podcast is from a couple of performances I did at art openings this summer.

The first half is taken from an opening in July at Gallery 66 in Cold Spring, NY of paintings by Stephen Rose. The second half is from an opening of a show by the Beacon Photography Group in August at the First Presbyterian Church in Beacon, NY.

In performance at Gallery 66. (photo: J.K. Rose)
In performance at Gallery 66. (photo: J.K. Rose)

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Errant Space Podcast #16 – Music for Knitting and more Music About Art

This one is compiled from two summer 2016 performances. The first part is from a Knit In Public Day event at St. Andrews church in Beacon, NY. The second half (starts at 30:18) is from a Music About Art performance I did at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center on the Vassar College campus in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Music About Art at The Lehman Loeb. (photos Ophra Wolf)


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Errant Space Podcast #15 – Featuring Reiche


Errant Space podcast #15 has something new: beats! courtesy of DJ/producer/electronic musician Reiche.

We met, and exchanged info, back in February 2016 at the Adventures in Electronic Music looping workshop I participated in at Space Create in Newburgh, NY (see ES Podcast #12). A few months later Reiche contacted me about getting together for a collaboration. Following my “the answer is always yes” policy I agreed, even though i had never seen him play ( I did see some videos).

So I didn’t really know what to expect when Reiche showed up at Rude Anagrams Studios with his Roland AIRA gear and Abelton Live set up, but I’m very pleased with the results of our first collaboration! Open up your ears and give it a listen.

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Errant Space Podcast #14 – Music About Art


This month’s podcast is from my first Music About Art performance at the Howland Cultural Center in May 2016. I play at a lot of art openings, which tend to be rather crowded, noisy affairs where my music becomes very much a background element. While I really enjoy playing openings, I wanted to explore the idea of how soundscapes can affect how art is experienced in a more contemplative setting, thus the Music About Art concept  was born. As always, the soundscapes are inspired by both the art and the space it occupies. Here is some of the art that was on exhibit:

Clockwise from top left: Paper Dots – Leigh Williams, Suspension – Hiro Ichikawa, Empty Void 05 – Jayoung Yoon, The Hole – EDA

BONUS! here’s some video of the performance shot by Thom Joyce

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